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Corvallis Fitness Course Graduates to Climb Mountain

Making the commitment to your personal fitness is an important step for many people.  What can be even more challenging is finding motivating fitness goals.  When we were approached by Corvallis area personal trainer Jessica Beauchemin to help her spread the word about this upcoming course, we jumped at the opportunity. What makes this course so interesting and refreshing, is that it culminates … [Read More...]

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When insurance doesn’t do the trick… A few reasons why getting stuff stolen sucks even more than you think it would

Note: This story comes to us from Corvallis personal Trainer Jess Beauchemin.  Jess and several other colleagues have recently suffered losses from burglaries that have plagued Corvallis and Adair Village in recent weeks.  Those readers, who through good fortune, have not had to deal with insurance claims or police reports in the past 5 or [...]


6 Simple Rules for Living a More Fulfilling Life

Life is full of ups and downs, but, through it all, it is possible to live a wondrous life – one where you wake up each morning excited about the coming day. When your life fulfills you, you enjoy great happiness and optimism about your future. Best of all, you can choose to live such [...]


How to Regain Confidence Even if Your Struggles Have Destroyed Your Confidence

When you’ve been through some difficult challenges in life, you may feel like your confidence has vanished. Are you unsure how to go about believing in yourself again? If so, then this information will be of great help to you. Follow these tips to shift your confidence levels into high gear: Know who you are. [...]

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Businesses Selected as Winners of Support Local Business Postcard Mailing!!!

The winners of the Support Local Business Postcard Campaign have been selected… On April 7th, we announced a contest that was a little different than our normal giveaways.  Call it a readers’ choice of sorts.  We asked the community what local businesses they would like to see receive a free ad and piggyback on our postcard mailing. [...]

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Corvallis Family Memoir Featured in This Week’s People Magazine!!

A Corvallis Family’s Journey from Fear to Acceptance and Hope The Shape of the Eye, written by Corvallis resident George Estreich, is People Magazine’s pick of the week!! Mr. Estreich’s paperback version of his memoir, The Shape of the Eye, was released today and has been updated since it’s first publication in March 2011. The [...]

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